Since the mid 90’s, BOSS TECHNOLOGY INC., a Canadian manufacturer, gave itself the mission to meet the needs of a diversified clientele, by developing specialized product lines of superior and professional quality.

RV-BOSSTMBOSS TECHNOLOGYTM - SEPTIC TANK/WEEPING FIELD TREATMENTENVIRO-BOSSTMALGI-BOSSTMADJUSTA-BOSSTM and AGRI-BOSSTM, are part of the same product line that treat wastewater of recreational, residential, municipal and agricultural origins. Unquestionably one of the strengths of the company, these products have made its reputation since their creation and many of them have been homologated by Health Canada. Of unparalleled efficiency, ECOLOGICAL and ECONOMIC, they bring many advantages to their users. Since the mid 90’s, the expertise of BOSS TECHNOLOGY INC. for wastewater treatment has been known across the world.

The MAGIC-BOSSTM product line for the maintenance and aesthetics of all types of vehicles (including RV’s and boats), pools, spas and outdoor furniture is of professional quality and PHOSPHATE-FREE. Thus, several MAGIC-BOSSTM products have received awards over the years for their performance and effectiveness. Besides being retailed through specialized retail networks in North America, they are also widely used in dealerships wash bays and vehicle fleet ownership of all kinds.

Today, BOSS TECHNOLOGY INC. is present from coast to coast. The quality of its product along with the excellence of its customer service has earned significant recognition in the industry. Thus in 2014, the products for recreational vehicles RV-BOSSTMPAK-BOSSTM, ENZY-BOSSTM and MAGIC-BOSSTM obtained accreditation “RV CARE Approved”.

RVC APPROVED logo Jan 17

Of all the products of its kind on the market, only products manufactured by BOSS TECHNOLOGY INC. have attained this distinction. RV CARE is an extensive network of recreational vehicle dealers operating across Canada (Priority Network in USA) that provides consumers with exclusive benefits, products of superior quality, roadside assistance and a continual guaranteed priority and professional customer service. BOSS TECHNOLOGY INC. is a proud RV CARE partner (

The reputation, professionalism and expertise of BOSS TECHNOLOGY INC. are recognized throughout the country. Thus, BOSS TECHNOLOGY INC. presents various educational symposiums on wastewater treatment and aesthetic maintenance at several trade shows and fairs throughout Canada. Sign up on our free Newsletter or visit our Calendar of upcoming events to learn more. BOSS TECHNOLOGY INC. also offers their retailers, customized trainings to staff working in washing bays as well as in stores as to best serve and guide clients.

In addition, BOSS TECHNOLOGY INC. and its team of dedicated specialists, offers through the media and its WEB platform, a wealth of information and advice on its different products and their usages in order to help consumers protect their investment for years to come. Finally, our customer service has made a pride commitment to answer your interrogations. Do not hesitate to contact us.