Gift Cards


Easy to use and safe, Boss Technology Gift Cards are a great gift idea for someone you appreciate. You can offer the desired amount between $25.00 and $250.00.

Boss Technology Gift Cards have no expiration date and apply to all online purchasing without exception, including taxes and shipping charges (if applicable - see "Shipping Charges" for more details).

When buying a Gift Card, the buyer receives a confirmation of the purchase and the amount thereof that will be charged to his credit card account.

You can even choose the day that it will be accessible to the recipient who will then receive an email telling him that you offer him a Boss Technology Gift Card. This email will contain a code for the activation of the Gift Card.

Following the activation and the creation of his account, he could make the purchases he desires and apply the amount of the Gift Card as a method of payment.

If the amount of the Gift Card is not fully used, the balance remains in his account and may be used for a future purchase. If the total amount of the purchase exceeds the amount of the Gift Card, he may use a credit card to pay the difference.

The Boss Technology Gift Cards, what a good idea!