Our mission is divided into two segments:


Provide consumers through a widespread network of specialized and professional retailers a complete range of quality products and performance that will meet their expectations while respecting environmental standards. Provide product users with advice and technical support directly from the manufacturer who will help them save time and money.

Offer our national network of specialized professional retailers, all necessary tools as to promote the sale of our products with professional marketing, a complete range of products, after-sales service and a professional and efficient technical support, a fast delivery service and a research and development department constantly listening and responding to the market needs and new technologies.  Our customers are our best partners.


Our vision:

As a leader in our fields of activities, make every effort to hang onto this title.

Making the finest products with minimal environmental impact.

Provide an outstanding unrivalled service to our retailers (pre-sales and after-sales).

Provide unparalleled technical support to both our retailers and consumers.

A retailer is a partner while a consumer is a source of inspiration.