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TECK OIL (995ml)

Product Code: TEAK300

MAGIC BOSSTM TEAK OIL protects all types of dense wood and enhances the appearance and richness by penetrating the pores.  Use regularly, MAGIC BOSSTM TEAK OIL protects against UV rays and humidity; recommended for outdoor and indoor wooden furniture as well as for non-submerged boat surfaces.

Code Size Quantity Available Quantity
TEAK300 995 ml - 33.64 fl.oz. (US) 76
  • CAD$36.99 /UN
TEAK304 4 litres - 1.057 gal (US) 9
  • CAD$109.99 /UN
1- The surface must be dry and free of grease, dirt and old finish such as varnish, paint, oil, wax, etc.
2- For best results, it is essential to sand in the direction of the wood grain with a #220 grit sandpaper.
3- Remove any wood dust.
4- Shake the product thoroughly before use.
5- Test the product on an inconspicuous section to determine if you get the desired effect.
6- Apply in the shade with a soft cloth or cotton wick and let penetrate 5 to 10 minutes before wiping off the excess.
7- Let dry 6-8 hours (in a well ventilated environment, at a temperature of 25°C (77°F) and at 50% relative humidity).
8- A minimum of 2 coats is recommended for application to bare wood.  

COVERAGE:  One liter covers 300 sq.ft. (28m2) depending on the porosity of the wood.  Do not dilute.

LIMITED WARRANTY: The manufacturer limits its responsability to refund of the purchase price only. STORAGE: Avoid freezing.  V.O.C. less than 1g/L.  

Cleaning brushes and equipment can be done with MAGIC BOSSTM POOL AND OUTDOOR FURNITURE CLEANER.  

Apply periodically MAGIC BOSSTM TEAK OIL to prevent the wood from drying and to extend the beauty of the finish.  After use, rags and oi impregnated papers must be immersed in water before disposal to avoid self-combustion.

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