BOSS TECHNOLOGY - Septic Tank & Weeping Field Treatment (960 ml)
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BOSS TECHNOLOGY - Septic Tank & Weeping Field Treatment (960 ml)

Product Code: Q1741

BOSS TECHNOLOGY Septic Tank & Weeping Field Treatment is a biological catalyst, formaldehyde free and environmentally friendly. It stimulates aerobic bacteria responsible for the liquefaction of organic matters and paper.  It dissolves cooking fats, soaps, algae and fungi that make the weeping field less efficient and activates its percolator effect.  Regular use of It can eliminate the need of pumping the septic tank. 

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A container of BOSS™ treats a septic tank with a capacity of 2200 to 3800 litres (575 to 1000 gallons).  Every six (6) months, simply pour 1/3 a bottle into the toilet bowl and activate the flush.  The use of BOSS™ can eliminate the need to drain your tank.  

TORAGE: Keep from freezing.
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